Teeth Whitening in Laguna Beach, CA

Teeth Whitening in Laguna Beach, CA

Who doesn’t love a winning smile?

Unfortunately, very few of us are endowed with naturally brilliant white dentition. Teeth get discolored over time due to many reasons, and we struggle with a less-than-perfect smile.

The good news is, our highly trained dentist near you can brighten your smile with an effective and safe teeth whitening treatment. Millions of people in the US transform their smiles every year with in-office professional teeth whitening in Laguna Beach, CA.

Reasons for Discoloration of Teeth

While teeth can get stained due to several causes, teeth whitening treatment at Advanced Dental Concepts will depend on whether the discoloration is internal or external.

External or Extrinsic Discoloration

When tooth enamel becomes stained due to the use of tobacco products, excessive smoking, or genetic factors, it’s known as ‘external discoloration.’ Tooth enamel may also become discolored due to consumption of staining foods like sodas, soya sauce, tea, coffee, and red wine.

No amount of brushing can eliminate external stains. You may wish to consider contacting Dr. Dana Nichols for Zoom! ® or laser teeth whitening options.

Internal or Intrinsic Discoloration

Internal discoloration may occur when tooth enamel wears away due to consumption of certain antibiotics or infection of the tooth pulp. Your tooth may also develop a grey tint if you’ve worn amalgam or silver metal fillings in the past.

Transform Your Teeth from Dull to Dazzling

Our practice at Advanced Dental Concepts offers both in-office and take-home teeth whitening options.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Options

At-home teeth whitening treatments may consist of whitening or lightening:

  • Toothpaste (these contain a small amount of bleach)
  • Chewing gum
  • Strips and trays
  • Mouthwash and gels

However, at-home whitening cannot replicate the stunning finish of in-office treatments, and results may take weeks or months to show.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatment near you:

  • Yields faster results
  • Produces a stunning finish
  • Eliminates stubborn stains
  • Is safer due to dental supervision and the use of professional-grade products
  • Lightens the shade by up to 8 times

Please contact Dr. Dana Nichols to book a consultation for teeth whitening treatment.

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