Partials and Full Dentures in Laguna Beach, CA

Partials and Full Dentures in Laguna Beach, CA

Is a less-than-pleasing smile affecting your confidence and your life? Thanks to modern dental technology, there are several restorations that can upgrade your smile. Our skilled dentist near you offers standard as well as implant-supported prosthetics to restore your smile.

Once you book an appointment at Advanced Dental Concepts, we will assess your oral health, including teeth, gums, jaw bone, and lips, and determine the best dentures for your needs.

Partials and Full Dentures in Laguna Beach, CA

Partials may be right for you if you’ve lost one or a few teeth, while dentures consist of a full set of false teeth. Full dentures are suitable for patients who need restorations for the entire upper or lower dental arch.

What to Know about Partials

When you miss one or teeth in the oral cavity, bite forces shift, and other teeth may start to drift to compensate for the gap. Partials are removable, natural-looking restorations that help complete your bite and smile. Dr. Dana Nichols offers metal and plastic/acrylic partials, depending on your preferences.

Acrylic partials (also called ‘flippers’) are less durable and structurally sound than metal ones and are more suitable for front tooth restorations. Metal partials may be recommended as a replacement for rear teeth. Well-crafted partials at Advanced Dental Concepts can add shape and definition to your lips and support to sagging cheeks.

Partials and full dentures near you are a non-invasive and more economical way to transform your smile.

Are Full Dentures Right for You?

Partials and dentures are not meant only for older patients. Patients as young as 30 years old can wear full dentures to replace teeth lost due to gum disease, trauma, or decay. Full dentures no longer look unnatural or feel bulky. Thanks to the use of top-quality materials and advanced technology, Dr. Dana Nichols offers custom-fitted, durable, and comfortable dentures that provide a secure fit.

Dislodged teeth can interfere with two essential functions: chewing and speaking. Large, unsightly gaps in your smile can ruin your confidence and affect the quality of your life. If you’re considering restoring your smile with dentures, please contact Advanced Dental Concepts for book an appointment today.

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