Emergency Dentistry in Laguna Beach, CA

Emergency Dentistry in Laguna Beach, CA

Many patients may be stressed when it comes to recognizing the need for urgent dental care. If you experience acute tooth pain, should you book an appointment with Dr. Dana Nichols? Or is it alright to wait until regular business hours?

Signs You Need Emergency Dentistry

For urgent dental treatment, please contact our skilled emergency dentist near you as early as possible. It’s essential to seek immediate care as delays can result in permanent tooth loss.

Common Dental Emergency Symptoms

Intense Toothache

You can consider booking a regular appointment at Advanced Dental Concepts for mild to moderate tooth pain. But if you experience acute tooth pain, the causes could include extensive decay, infected dental pulp, and nerves or dental trauma. We will first administer medication to soothe the pain and take x-rays to confirm the cause before starting treatment.

We may need to drain the root canal or abscess or perform an emergency extraction if needed. If ignored, even a small cavity may transform into a dental emergency over months.

Inflammation or Pus in the Gums

Undetected and untreated gum disease may result in the formation of pus pockets and bleeding from the gums. Our experienced dentist in Laguna Beach, may administer antibiotics or perform a deep cleaning to eliminate bacteria. We screen for gum disease during routine exams and cleanings. Early detection and timely treatment can prevent minor dental problems from getting worse.

Severe Jaw Pain

If you experience emergency jaw pain or discomfort, it’s not necessary to wait for a regular appointment. Jaw pain may be caused due to infected or swollen salivary glands, impacted wisdom teeth, temporomandibular disorders, or dental trauma.

While injury or trauma-related dental emergencies may occur unannounced, other problems like gum disease, cavities, and decay can be detected and treated early during routine checkups.

Dos and Don’ts during Dental Emergencies

While waiting to visit Advanced Dental Concepts, please follow the tips described below:

  • Avoid touching the tooth roots; gently hold the tooth by the crown.
  • Refrain from placing painkillers on the site.
  • Call Dr. Dana Nichols for guidance and describe your symptoms as best as you can.

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