Dental Bridges in Laguna Beach, CA

Dental Bridges in Laguna Beach, CA

People suffering from one or more dislodged teeth can benefit from a range of restoration options at Advanced Dental Concepts. Patients may need to book two to three appointments with our experienced dentist near you to complete the procedure.

Although bridges are one way to restore an incomplete smile, they are by no means the only choice available. You can also choose from dental crowns, implants, partials, and full dentures. Implant-supported prosthetics are more durable, aesthetic, and stronger than standard versions.

First Visit for Bridges in Laguna Beach, CA

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Dana Nichols will numb the area before starting the process of reshaping and trimming the abutment teeth. The abutment teeth are the anchoring teeth located next to the gap that will support the dental bridge. Our trained dentist will then ask you to bite down on dental foam to take precise measurements of the prepared teeth.

These molds are sent to an off-site dental laboratory to fabricate the permanent bridge. We will fix a temporary bridge on the site to help:

  • Protect the ground down teeth from injury and damage
  • Reduce heightened sensitivity in the area (when the enamel is shaved down, the tooth may become more sensitive)
  • The patient can continue to eat and drink normally

In some instances, if the bridge takes longer to get ready, the temporary bridge stops other teeth from drifting out of their positions.

How We Place the Permanent Bridge

Once the permanent dental bridge is ready, please schedule your second appointment at Advanced Dental Concepts. Our skilled dentist in Laguna Beach, CA will remove the temporary bridge, clean the teeth, and check your teeth for pain, tenderness, and sensitivity before fastening the permanent bridge.

Once we place the permanent bridge into place, Dr. Dana Nichols will check the bridge for fit and comfort. Poorly fitted dental bridges near you can leave spaces for food and debris to get trapped and increase the risks of decay. The bridge should be placed flush against the gum line with no gap.

Biting on hard, chewy, or crunchy foods like nuts, raw vegetables, and ice-cubes can damage the bridge.

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