Sedation Types Used in Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Types Used in Sedation Dentistry

April 1, 2022

Are you facing unbearable tooth pain? Sedation dentistry near you can help. The experienced dentist can assist you with any queries you may have. Sedation dentistry helps you relax in the dental chair. So, patients can receive the care they need for a healthy smile and mouth. Let us discover sedation dentistry and its different dental sedation types available today.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

This field of dentistry aims to relieve pain and stress via sedation. For pain management, the dental professional gives anesthetics to the patient. Three common kinds of sedation dentistry include oral sedation, laughing gas, and IV sedation.

All three of them have their unique place in sedation dentistry. What sedation type is right for you depends upon your medical history and other parameters. The dentis​t near you can help with that.

Sedation Types

Below are the different types of dental sedation available for fearful patients:

Laughing Gas

The dentist recommends laughing gas if the patient has a mild dental phobia. It is safe for both adults and children because the person stays awake during the procedure and carries minimal risk compared to other sedation methods.

Nitrous oxide is known as inhaled minimum sedation. It usually involves allowing a patient to breathe nitrous oxide via a mask. This gas allows the patient to relax while the dental expert does the treatment. It only takes several minutes for the nitrous oxide to work.

However, the effects of laughing gas fade away fast. It means the patient will be able to drive home without any issue after the completion of the process. Furthermore, laughing gas can be used for almost every dental procedure – from root canal treatment to professional teeth cleaning.

Oral Sedation

In oral sedation, the dentist asks the patient to take the medicine orally (i.e. in the pill form. It can cause moderate or low sedation. In moderate oral sedation, the patient feels dazed and puts him/her to sleep (depending on the dose provided).

It means you will require someone to drive you back home. It means you will not remember most of the process though you are in an unconscious state. The most common type of oral sedation is halcion.

Moreover, oral sedation is a durable way of sedation compared to laughing gas. The dentist will advise you of a prescription for oral sedation. It’s worth scheduling the oral sedation appointment in the morning. If your little one has got oral sedation, it is essential to supervise him/her for the rest of the day till the sedation effects wear off.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous sedation (IV) is one of the fastest working sedation forms. The dental expert moves a solution directly into the bloodstream of the patients via a needle. IV sedation can fall into two categories – moderate and deep intravenous sedation.

a) IV Moderate Sedation

IV moderate sedation is one of the effective forms of sedation used by dentists for performing time-consuming dental procedures. This sedation type is much the same as oral sedation.

However, the medication is passed to the veins in the arm of patients via an IV. Patients will feel safe while sitting on a dental chair. So, they can receive high-quality dental care without any pain and stress.

b) General Anesthesia and IV Deep Sedation

Deep sedation and general anesthesia allow patients to sleep completely during the dental procedure. Also, the effects last longer. Patients need to wait for some time to see the sedation effects before they completely wake up. However, IV deep sedation makes the patient unconscious.

Explore ​Sedation Dentistry in Laguna Beach Today

Did you know 60% of individuals worldwide have some kind of dental fear? Sedation dentistry is one of the most famous dental treatments today because it lets individuals say bye-bye to their fear of getting a dental treatment. When administered by trained dental experts, dental sedation has minimal side effects.

Remember, it is common to be scared of needles. If you are one of those, both oral sedation and laughing gas are perfect choices for you because these procedures don’t require anything to be injected. To discover more about sedation dentistry benefits, contact dental professionals at our dental clinic today!

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