Getting A Dental Filling – What Does It Entail?

Getting A Dental Filling – What Does It Entail?

July 1, 2021

If you have a cavity, you can visit the office of a dentist in Laguna Beach or any other dentist near you to get the cavity filled. A dental filling is a simple procedure and does not require much time.

You can get your cavity filled in a dentist’s office in a day and you will be free to go home that very day. If you want to get dental fillings in Laguna Beach, you have to arrive at the dentist’s office at least an hour before the time for the filling. Arriving early will allow the dentist to have enough time to do an X-ray on your tooth and have a last-minute conversation where you are reminded of the details of the procedure.

Procedure for Dental Filling

Cavities cause pain and make people uncomfortable. If you have a cavity, then you will be looking for a place to get dental fillings near you. If you do find one, it has been established that you have to arrive on time for the filling. Before the dentist begins to fill the cavity, you will be given local anesthesia to numb any pain from your teeth, gum, and the area of skin around the cavity to be filled. This will allow the procedure to go smoothly. If you are in pain, it will be impossible to proceed with the filling.

After giving you the anesthesia, the dentist will use a drill to remove the decay in the tooth that has caused a cavity. When the decay is completely removed, the dentist can then proceed to fill the cavity. The decay has to be completely removed else it will continue to spread after the filling. When the procedure is done, it is most likely that the anesthesia will be yet to wear off and you will still be numb to pain for a few hours because the process of drilling and filling takes only a few minutes.

When the whole process is done, you are free to return home. It is unlikely that you will encounter any complication after getting a filling but to be on the safer side, ensure you have the contact of the dentist in case you need to report a complication or ask a question.

Tooth fillings are known to be used to fill cavities, however, that is not all that they are used for. Tooth fillings are used to treat bruxism. Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is aggressive chewing of the teeth which can cause part of the teeth to wear off. Tooth fillings are also used to treat the impairment caused by teeth grinding. Also, tooth fillings are used to fill broken teeth.

Types of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are classified based on the material that is used for the filling. There are a lot of materials that can be used to filling a tooth. Some of the materials used to classify dental fillings are;

  1. Amalgam fillings: These types of fillings have been trusted by dentists for over a century. They are strong and mostly used to fill a molar or premolar. These filling are cheap and are easily noticeable when you have one.
  2. Composite Fillings: Made of composite or resins, these types of fillings are made to look like the rest of your teeth. They also last for a long time and are used in areas where you do not require rigorous chewing.
  3. Metals: Usually made from gold or silver, they last as long as a decade before they are due for a replacement. The patient is allowed to choose a metal to be used between gold or silver. More people have chosen gold over silver over the years.
  4. Ceramic: Like composite fillings, ceramic fillings also take the color of the tooth and are less likely to get stained when compared to composite fillings. Ceramic fillings, however, are more than composite fillings and are nearly as expensive as gold fillings.

Other materials can be used to fill a cavity. The material used to fill a cavity will depend on the budget, preference, and insurance of the patient. Ensure that you ask how much dental fillings cost before settling for a particular filling. After getting the filling, make sure that you brush regularly and observe other dental hygiene rules.

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